General objective:

PosLin aims to prepare qualified faculty staff for teaching and research activities, while searching for innovation and excellence in research, teaching, and extension alike.

Specific objectives:

The program has three specific objectives:

(i) In relation to undergraduates and graduates:

(a) At Master's level, we provide students with the opportunity to enhance their academic knowledge, in addition to developing their research skills in the Linguistic Studies area, linked to one of the research lines, in addition to the respective laboratories and centers. Students are expected to acquire the knowledge needed to produce a thesis, the content of which reveals a capacity for systematizing and mastering the relevant scientific methodology.

(b) At Doctorate level, we set out to enable students to develop both their academic knowledge and their ability to do advanced research in Linguistics. The doctoral dissertation must ultimately contribute towards developing knowledge in the field and advancing scientific thinking. The Program also encourages the doctoral candidate to pursue not only an internship overseas, since exchanges between institutions result in a broader educational and professional experience.

At both levels, students are encouraged to develop an awareness of critiquing and debating through publication of articles and participation in events in Brazil and abroad. These will provide a more rounded training that is closer to the reality of academia in Brazil.

(c) With regard to graduates,our objective is that, at the end of the masters and / or doctorate degree, we have qualified professionals to teach at renowned universities, dedicating themselves to researching and advising activities, as well as being able to maintain or create new research groups.

(d) At the post-doctorate level, the program aims to promote advanced studies, while educating participants and updating their knowledge. The program also strives to strengthen ties between institutions, facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge on the national and international fronts alike.

(ii) Concerning teachers, Poslin promotes and supports the development of research, extension, and teaching activities to consolidate and build upon the projects and the research lines underpinning the Program. It also strives to encourage exchanges between national and international institutions alike.

(iii) Concerning the institution, Poslin contributes toward consolidating a leadership position in training researchers-professors by strengthening research lines that are consistently infused with new projects and new researchers.

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