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Since 1973 the Graduate Program in Linguistic Studies (PosLin) has contributed to educate teachers/researchers from the country's public and private universities alike. In the last few years, the program has attracted researchers from foreign universities, through programs such as the PEC-PG.

The efforts of both the faculty and the graduate students, in addition to the coordinators' competence, have raised the program's grade from 5 (five) to 6 (six) for the 2007-2009 tri-annual evaluation. For the following course tri-annual evaluation, the Program obtained the same grade, which warranted its entry into CAPES' Academic Excellency Program (PROEX-CAPES).

The four-year assessment for the 2013-2016 period has raised the Programs grade to 7, confirming the quality and the seriousness of the work developed.

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